What is the sexiest job?  

nastytease4U 39F  
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6/11/2017 4:48 am

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6/17/2017 4:37 am

What is the sexiest job?

This is a difficult poll, because many jobs are overly sexualized. For example, a nurse30+ years ago wore a knee length white skirt, now they where more practical scrubs yet the halloween costume is as slutty as they get. Same with maid, cop, etc....

Setting aside the Penthouse Forum/halloween costume/roleplay twist......

If you were sitting with a woman and chatting and she said, "I am a "

what would be the most exciting?
something else........

HamburgDave2 73M  
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6/11/2017 6:55 am


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thikhead 59M
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6/11/2017 7:13 am

once had an affair with a certified massage therapist.

when she took care of my whole body,

it really set the tone for some fantastic sex

oldbstrd55 60M
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6/11/2017 8:32 am

Dated a cop. Brought new meaning to police brutality.

iwalkstilts 42M  
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6/11/2017 9:08 am

Librarian. Inteligent and knowledgeable women are sexy.

lyavu 44F  
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6/11/2017 9:39 am

Lawyers coz there aggressive I like an aggressive man . Cpa.. smartNess it's a huge turn on .

MyBaffies 47M
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6/11/2017 10:00 am

Well I've known a librarian, a nurse and a teacher over the years, so couldn't possibly make an individual choice, unfortunately!


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anonChi 45M
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6/11/2017 10:45 am

librarian or nurse...

sphxdiver 67M  
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6/11/2017 5:57 pm

Really don't mean nothin', don't mean a thing !!

HotnHorny585 41M
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6/11/2017 11:21 pm

Something about a sexy woman in scrubs. Just gets me going.

cumboi65 65M
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6/12/2017 3:03 am

I have a doctor as one of my "regulars". He has taken me to higher planes without any medication. His prostate exam, without using his finger, is very exhilarating.

hrlyridr87 63M  
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6/12/2017 5:44 am

Something about a hot looking teacher!

ronaldwhennen65 57M
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6/12/2017 9:48 am

a rock and roll singer also

poetamaldito9 32M
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6/12/2017 4:32 pm

rm_paapi36 80M
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6/12/2017 6:13 pm

secreary will know all the weaknesses of Boss-better to interact closely with this person even on sex

Romantic, sexy-love warm hugs, enjoy sex 24/7 one on one, goup fun, watching porn together with joy

oral2plsu2 58M
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6/13/2017 8:00 am

Big Rig truck driver

dan_nl_2006 37M
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6/13/2017 4:54 pm

my answer : police/fire/military

What is you answer?

NoStrings0763 53M

6/13/2017 8:00 pm

My ex was a teacher and seeing what they are like outside the school is completely different. They wear the conservative cloths to school but once they let there hear down watch out.

PlayMeCurvies 41M
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6/14/2017 7:26 am

Hand, definitely. lol

repp47 58M
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6/14/2017 6:36 pm


trisha_ann_glynn 54T
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6/15/2017 1:13 pm

I picked female construction worker. She has the outdoor tan and a buff body.
She has that no-nonsense attitude. Yes she could own me.
And I speak from from experience, not role play.
Having had sex with all the listed occupations both male and female.

alwayshorny8791 48M
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6/16/2017 4:10 pm

sexy nurse for me

Wok2016 35M  
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6/16/2017 4:12 pm

Sexy nurse please!

I'm a CPA, not much of a costume there. But if you're luckily I'll come home with a tie on and we can use it as a blindfold or light bondage device!!

veryfunnycple64 53M/54F  
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6/18/2017 3:27 am

I voted nurse/doctor! Super sexy in my eyes!

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tastingyoubabe 65M
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6/19/2017 7:38 am

female lawyers are fuking hot

alwayshorny8791 48M
10 posts
6/19/2017 12:43 pm

something about nurses

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